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Poze Single Clips #Neon Pink - 4st PZSC-116
Poze offers a fantastic synthetic hair of the highest quality in many delicious colors. With Poze hair extensions, you can add color or fulfill the dream of long and abundant hair at a reasonable price. Gentle and easy!
Stock status: In stock
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• Color: #Neon Pink


• Shape: Straight Hair


• Quantity & Size: 46cm long. One package contains 4pcs loops that are about 4.5 cm wide. Each loop has sewn clips and is ready to be attached.


Poze Easy Clip Technology makes it incredibly simple and easy to extend / thicken your hair. You attach your hair whenever you want and get a very comfortable and stable mount thanks to the clever clips supplied. Poze develops its own clip with reinforced metal and rubber edge to provide extra grip. In just a few clicks you will have your dream hair in place.


How to do: Take a straight section in your hair, back comb and then spray. Then take a single clip loop and pin where you combed. Repeat the same technique until you feel satisfied. Style your hair according to wishes and needs.




Box 54
182 11 Danderyd


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