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Facts about extensions


Welcome to our site! Here you can learn the majority of which you need to know about hair & hair extensions!


The purpose of this page is that you as customer can get answers to most general questions regarding hair, hair extensions and hair care.


Here at Beautynet we have many experts in the field who gladly share their experiences. The hair dressers behind are experts in hair and hair extensions. If you need advice or tips on care, styling or extension, you are very welcome to contact us for personal service and support.


Facts about hair, hair extension & hair Care

The hairdressers behind Beautynet have many collective years of experience in Hair Extensions. Our journey began 10 years ago when the trend started to take off. Since then much has changed and we have been here for the complete journey. Along the way we have worked with and tested several different brands, both good and bad. The art of knowing what is good or bad is a difficult task, you simply have to try things out and find that which works best and provides the highest quality result. With our extensive experience we can now easily observe the quality of a hair by quickly analyzing it. We have personally sent technicians to factories around the world before we decided on the right suppliers who are able to deliver the quality we want to offer our customers. Poze Hair Extensions was a clear choice.


Hair extensions are more than just longer, fuller hair. The treatment provides an immediate change that feels indescribable to most. Especially in cases where the hair is thin and does not grow as desired.


Temple Hair

The story began early in India where the hair of young women was sacrificed to the gods in order to bring luck and prosperity to the family. This tradition has continued and temples have developed a system that allows them to bring in approximately 5 tons of hair daily in India alone. Young women and even men visit the local temple where they shave off their hair in exchange for some money and good Karma.


Temple's gain on the sale of the hair is said to supply the temple orphans with food, education and more. Young women in India have a tradition of sacrificing the hair on the day they get married. They usually are between 13-15 years old and have never cut nor colored their hair before.


From this history, the term temple hair has become well known among consumers, temple hair means that the quality is high and that the hair has been given for a good cause. The hair is collected with a special technique and provides us with Remy Hair.


What is Remy hair and why is it good?

Remy means that each hair strand is oriented correctly so that all the ends of the hair are facing down. Once all the hairs are oriented correctly it means that there is less friction in your hair when you brush it. In short, Remy hair means less tangle but not necessarily better quality.


With less clutter the hair doesn’t  wear the extensions down as quickly. Often Remy hair is much more expensive because it requires more work and a special technique in shaving, collection and processing.


Today the word Remy has become a very common expression that is misused to facilitate the sale. It is very difficult to know if your hair really is Remy or not, this is not a necessity as long as the hair is of high quality and the price is reasonable. 


The growing market

Hair Extensions are clearly here to stay. They are used worldwide by Hollywood stars and women from all walks of life.


The big question is, how is it possible to get as much hair and be able to sell it in such large volumes around the world? The answer is shocking considered the incredible volume. In India the temples collects approximately 5 tons of hair every day. The growing market has led to countries in Asia, mainly China to develop enormous factories that mass-produce and sell hair to Europe, U.S. and rest of the world.


China is currently the largest player in the market. With modern factories, large labor resources and technologies. China can deliver tons of extensions every month. However, there is a downside that you should take into consideration before buying hair. In many cases, the quality is sadly suffering and the hair is almost unusable after only two weeks of wear, so it is extremely important to buy hair from well known brands with proven quality.


What is the difference of hair from different countries?

Asian hair is often the cheapest and most common, especially if you wish Clip On, Tape On or weft. This hair is usually more rough and straighter than Indian hair. Asian hair can vary greatly in quality, from very poor to very high quality. Everything depends on the factories purchasing channels of raw materials and the manufacturing process applied. These are two crucial factors. Poze Hair Extensions is a brand that stands for quality, this collection includes only the finest hairs from different parts of Asia and Europe and then treated with a gentle and very advanced technology in modern laboratories. Under the careful process the hair is treated with special treatments that strengthen the hair and keeps the hairs protective layer called cuticles. In many other factories aggressive treatment processes are used that makes the cuticle completely disappear and then you get a brittle and dry hair that does not hold for very long.


Indian hair is most common in salons that perform hair extension with keratin wax loops. Indian hair is usually thinner and finer providing a good match for Scandinavian hair types. The hair is often a little wavy and gives a natural result. The hair coming from India requires a gentle treatment process in the preparation of extension due to the fact that Indian women never color their hair or expose it to chemicals that damage the structure. In India Remy hair is much more common than in Asia. Indian temple hair is usually sold to the Italian factories that basically own the entire market. They usually buy the very best Temple hair before it’s even donated to the Temple. Due to this, the Italian extension companies have dominated the market for many years.


European hair is rare but perfect for Scandinavians. The extension blends naturally in with your own hair and gives a fantastic result. European hair is often more expensive due to the fact it is very difficult to find hair donors with good quality. Most have previously treated their hair meaning that is already damaged and thus unsuitable for extensions. Poze offer their Premium hair extensions with the absolute highest quality that we ensure you will be extermely pleased with.


How is the hair treated?

The hair coming in is collected in large bags or baskets. To begin with, the hair is cleaned in large cleansing tubs to clear eggs, lice, grease and other impurities. If this process is not performed correctly or closely, eggs and lice can remain in the hair. This is a common problem that occurs in smaller Indian factories.

After the purification bath the hair is put into an acid that bleaches the hair which then will be colored. Asian hair is often left in the oxygen bath stage longer, thinning the strands making it more suitable for the european market.


In most cases, the Indian hair is sold on to larger factories in Italy that have better resources and the means of buying the absolute highest quality hair. Italy has a long tradition in the extension industry. Thanks to their advanced technology, modern facilities and world leading expertise, they can deliver some of the finest extensions in the world.

What methods of hair extensions are there?

Today there are several different methods of hair extensions and it will continue to evolve.

The most popular are the Clip & Go Extensions that you can attach and remove yourself, a gentle and easy option. There are lso tape on, weft, micro ring and keratin extensions.


Things to consider when choosing a method is: How much money do I want to spend? How often am I going to use it? If you want a permanent solution we recommend Keratin Extensions. These provide natural and pleasing results that last 3-4 months.


Quality, human hair & synthetic hair

If you decided on genuine hair extensions, you should always keep in mind that the hair comes from different people so there may be some difference in quality due to the fact that everyone has different hair. Often larger factories / suppliers are very carefull about the quality and collect only the best hair from reputable sources.


If you choose synthetic hair you can be sure that the quality is often the same. There are different types of synthetic materials and the best option is Synthetic Fiber which is heat resistant up to 180 degrees. Synthetic is a good option for those who want to have long hair with long lasting shine at an affordable price.




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